About Us

This is the About Us page.
We are very excited to introduce ourselves to you, Our Readers!

About p3lang:
We Learn! We share!
P3lang is a knowledge sharing website.
That is why our slogan is Share Knowledge.

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We are normal people just like you who learn a little every day and try to reach out to people who have the same interest.
P3lang is a public blog where anyone can register themselves and share posts. A Post can be of any type, currently we are sharing technical knowledge. In future intend to expand, so that any type of posts can be shared via the P3lang community, like technical education, stories, food recipes, interesting facts and much more.

If you are interested in sharing your posts with us, just send us a mail on p3lang@gmail.com.

About authors:
People who like to learn new things and are happy in sharing there knowledge are part of P3lang.
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What we do in future:
We intend to expand P3lang to a blog that will have knowledge of multiple domains.

Help Us Expand!:
You can help us spread and share knowledge by sharing our posts to the people (Students, Developers, etc). To do so just share our articles, pages & website.