Loose coupling example using Interface

Loose coupling example using Interface

Loose coupling has advantage over tight coupling.

Lets understand it with example
In below example we have two classes A and B

Class B implements Interface i.e. InterfaceClass.

InterfaceClass defines a Contract for B class as InterfaceClass have abstract methods of B class that can be access by any other class for example A.

In Class A we have display method which can except object of class which implements InterfaceClass (in our case it is B class). And on that object method of class A is calling display() and getVar() of class B

In MainClass we have created object of Class A and B. And calling display method of A by passing object of B class i.e. objb. Display method of A will be called with object of B class.

Now talking about loose coupling. Suppose in future you have to change the name of Class B to ABC then you do not have to change its name in display method of class B, just make the object of new (ABC class) and pass it to the display method in MailClass. You do not have to change anything in Class A





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